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Grass Fed or Corn Fed?

While I am involved in Vollara’s Weight Loss Challenge, I am trying to do as much research as possible about the amount of food I consume, the types of food I consume, and when I consume it. We all know that eating late at night has to be bad, and it certainly seems to cause me to have some mighty wierd dreams!
I really believe we should get our nutrition from our food. Last week, Frank Velasquez, the Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Pittsburgh Pirates MLB team expressed his opinion on this very topic on our Vollara Nutrition Call. I have a playback of the interview if you are interested. For someone like me who had gastric by-pass surgery years ago, I can’t get all my nutrition from my food. I must take large amounts of supplements, or else I remain 300 pounds and malnourished. I know that seems hard to comprehend; however, when I lost my first 200 pounds, I went to the doctor for a check-up, and my body was very low on calcium and vitamin D…..and here I weighed 355 pounds and was malnourished. I thought this couldn’t be possible. 
I use bariatric vitamins; however, my doctor told me that even they were not going to give me everything I needed. Naturally, since I have been a Vollara distributor for many years, I use every product my company produces that I can use. I chose Vollara supplements because they are whole food supplements, and they utilize the CaEDS Delivery System. (For more information on this, go to my website at www.myvollara.com/raines
Last night on our Vollara Nutrition Call, Dr. Richard Urso spoke at length about how much corn is in the American diet. He mentioned that we American’s eat beef that is fed corn, pork that is fed corn, chicken that is fed corn, fish that is fed corn, and the list goes on! I started doing some research on whether we should be eating grass-fed beef for example, or corn-fed. As with all medical and nutrition areas, there appears to be a lot of controversy and differing opinions.
According to Neva J Howell, “there is a body of evidence to suggest that cattle were never meant to live on corn, and that humans are not nutritionally helped by a diet high in corn grain products either. One of the main nutritional concerns is that there is a natural balance between Omega-6 fatty acids and Omega-3 fatty acids that cannot be maintained in the body with a diet that is mostly corn.”

Neva goes on to say that, “also, corn creates gas and bloating, and I think any discomfort and physical imbalance an animal has affects the quality of the meat.”

I personally notice that, when I can find grass fed beef and eat that, I feel better. However, it’s hard to find it here in South Carolina. Also, try to find beef where the cattle have not been given antibiotics, hormones, steroids or animal-byproducts.

As more people become aware of the health benefits in grass fed beef, I think there will be more of it available. It’s simply the law of supply and demand. We create supply by demanding certain types of foods. According to my reading, grain fed beef typically has more Omega-6, compared to the Omega-3 in the same meat. When these two fatty acids is out of nutritional balance in a food that is consumed, it is not healthy for the body. This is a major difference between these two types of beef and tips the scale for health in the direction of grass fed.

Grain fed beef typically has a lot more saturated fat than grass fed beef. Saturated fat is, of course, a known factor in heart disease development. Reducing saturated fat in the diet is a good thing and grass fed beef can help. Grain fed beef has less CLA, or Conjugated Linoleic Acid. CLA has been shown to reduce body fat, help with weight loss, increase metabolic rate, help to lower insulin resistance and cholesterol, among other health benefits.

Grass fed beef excels nutritionally in vitamin A, E and Beta Cartotene, over grain fed beef. Grass fed beef is nutritionally superior to grain fed, for these reasons and more.

So, in my personal opinion, I feel grass-fed beef is the way to go. Now, what to do with the pigs, chickens, and fish? One thing I know for sure, we need to stay away from fast-food restaurants, prepare as many of our meals as possible at home, and supplement our food with the correct nutritional supplements. There are thousands of differing brands available in all price ranges. As I mentioned, I use Vollara because they are whole-food based. Now listen, you can buy cheaper whole food supplements; however, they WILL NOT have the CaEDS Delivery System….no one else has it but Vollara! Do not be fooled! And, while I’m on the shameless sales pitch here, you need to be taking your supplements with alkaline-ionized Living Water! This is the best tasting, healthiest water available anywhere! 
If you want to do some additional reading on grass-fed beef, I highly recommend you visit Ted Slanker’s website at www.texasgrassfedbeef.com Ted owns Slanker’s Grass-Fed Meats, and he has a great website with some very good information. I am not getting a kick-back from Ted…heck, I don’t even know him; but, he does have a good informational website. I cannot say anything about his beef or otherwise, because I’ve never had it.
If you are interested in knowing more about Vollara and its products, technology, or even the home-based business opportunity, visit my website at www.myvollara.com/raines
I’d love to hear your feedback! Have a blessed day.
Brian Raines
Legal Disclaimer: All of the information I have included in this blog is my personal opinion and has been provided as nutritional information only. It is not intended to diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease. Consult your personal healthcare provider before making any dietary changes, or starting on any type of diet or nutritional product or regimen. 


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