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When I was a young boy growing up in rural South Carolina, my father was an Ordained Pastor with the Assemblies of God.  I never remember my dad pastoring a church that had over fifty members on the membership roll.  He always seemed to lead very small congregations, and he felt that is where God intended him to be. 


Now, I attend a church that has a membership of over 5000 people; however, you know the story, we’re blessed if 2500 of those people show-up on a typical Sunday morning. Attendance does improve at Christmas and Easter, right?


This past Sunday, my Pastor said that he read a recent survey that stated only 2.3% of Christians tithe 10% of their income. This blew me away!! No wonder Pastors have to work two jobs just to provide for their families! Small congregations just cannot afford to pay a Pastor a full-time salary. So, what is a minister to do?  A colleague of mine, Bob Giddens, recently posted an “Open Letter to Ministers,” on his website. I am reposting his letter here.


An Open Letter to Ministers…..


Have you heard of the second baby boom (check on the Web using Echo Boom)? Births in the US picked up significantly in 1980 (3.5M per year) and continued high through 2005. One hundred million new Americans were born…a very positive development. The most senior of these boomers turned 30 in 2010. They are workers, consumers, taxpayers, idea people, and churchgoers.


Consider the connection between this influx of youth and the outlook for the protestant ministry. We have 300,000 protestant congregations in the US…one church for each 1,000 people in our population. Projecting ahead, these new boomers will translate into 100,000 new churches over the next 40 years.


This isn’t theory. Just as the post World War II baby boom sneaked up on us, this one has too.


The skyrocketing smart phone industry tells the story as a commercial indicator.


Even in a recession, iPhones and similar products are incredibly hot. A societal transition of this magnitude cries out for contemplation. What doors are closing? What new doors will be opening?


If you’re in ministry, there’s a 90% chance you’re bivocational. A quarter of a million of our ministers are so classified and 4,000 or more new pastors hear that calling each year. This march of progress never ends. What do America’s pastors do as occupational sidelines? Our friend Tom used to sell automatic garage doors. Let’s say he made $200 per deal and one sale per week. That couldn’t put a new car in the garage when his teenagers turned 18, nor could it cover three college educations. Many bivocational ministers do handyman work and remodeling—but jobs are harder to come by in the current economy. Ministers do real estate work, car sales, insurance, carpet cleaning, small business ownership, wage employment, salaried employment, Home Depot/Walmart work, computer tutoring, tax preparation, and what have you. Other pastors rely on a spouse’s income. Less than 10% are with a church that can pay full time compensation.


Pastor Dan his wife Debbie found a permanent solution. They joined the right network marketing company 14 years ago and developed a career building system that was right for them personally. Starting with zero experience and very little money, they built a substantial part time income in six months and were sitting on top of the world in two years. They applied their skills and worked hard (we don’t offer free rides or easy money).


The results: A high six-figure income, security for the future,

a comfortable family, and they still pastor their church.


Our on-line presentation tells its story in a very few minutes…and it may be exactly right for you.



This short presentation focuses on a company that fits bivocational ministers to a tee.


Pastors are ideally qualified to do professional network marketing. They minister to people’s needs, which is also what network marketing leaders do. Pastors understand how recruiting helps an organization grow and remain strong; they have organizational and communications skills; they do problem solving; and they have a Servant’s heart.


Don’t let other network marketing experiences turn you sour on this new proposition. Our career building system is based on honesty and accuracy. We don’t promise the moon, nor do we suggest that money is made without work. We promise a good company, worthy products, and a career-based compensation system. The timing benefit associated with the new baby boom is just a bonus.

Within a few years after the recession ends, inflation will hit every church and every

individual. We urge you to get a head start on preparing for it. By the time double digit inflation hits you can be secure like you never imagined possible. Your ministry will not be compromised.



Our company is poised to grow 20x or 30x larger than we are today. This is the right time to be discovering us. You can be started after one phone call and a little web-based evaluation. We mean really started. Give me a call and let’s chat. (864) 918-8025

Brian Raines






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