What a great first week on the weight loss challenge! From what has been reported to us, Vollara Weight Loss Challenge participants have collectively lost more than 50 pounds so far!

“OK, I gotta throw in my 2 cents. About 6 months ago, back when I weighed 246lbs, I decided to become a “Product of the Product” and this would have been great to have entered.

However, as a testimony to the products, I’m pleased to tell you, today I weigh 220lbs. My target is 210 and I’m getting there.I was already drinking Alkaline Ionized LivingWater (I have 4, 32oz bottles numbered 1 thru 4, I drink at least 2 each day, and most days 3, have done all 4) but I realized I needed additional nutrition to achieve my goals. So for the past five months I’ve incorporated the following Vollara products into my daily regimen.

Every day I use the following; Re:Place (both the Soy & Whey I alternate), Re:Vive, Re:Fuel & Re:Plenish and I go to Gold’s Gym every other day.

By doing so I’ve lost 4 inches off the waist line and regained muscle density. I say regained because 32 years ago on my 30th birthday (using free weights) I bench pressed 300lbs 30 times consecutively. (I do other exercises but for most of us iron heads we love the bench press).
Fast forward 32 years to 2011. For multiple reasons I decided to regain as much of my strength as possible.

First week in the gym I was happy to bench 135lbs, plus I was experiencing some overall joint pain and a shoulder problem. I’ve gotten past that and last week I benched 275 and I know 300 is close by.

Man, I’m excited!”
– Al Seyfer

If you want to join the Vollara Weight Loss Challenge, contact Brian Raines at rainesorganization@myvollara.com


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