Heart Disease Testimonial

As you read this, bear in mind this is not a medical claim but rather the personal experience of one individual.

This is my own true story…

Some of you are aware, some are not… About 9 months or so ago, I had been diagnosed with double whammy heart disease. I could not physically mow my grass anymore. I’m not exactly sure what the technical medical terms are, but I had an abnormal heart beat and abnormal heart rhythm.

My EKG scared my family doctor. He immediately sent me to have a stress test with a heart doctor present. I lasted about 20 seconds. Just before I collapsed, the doctor laid me down and monitored my blood pressure constantly until it was within normal range. He scheduled several more tests and I was admitted. I ended up with a regimen of medication, a special diet and two heart specialists. Both had told me that the medication would only control my heart for an unspecified amount of time.  

At that point, I would have to have a pacemaker inserted into my chest. This is not what I was looking forward to. I was hospitalized a second  time to see if my heart could be shocked back into rhythm. It was supposed to be as an outpatient. It didn’t work and I ended up in the hospital for three days while they monitored me on what they called a “dangerous” medicine. They had found that I had two heart irregularities. One would’ve been fixable, had it not been for the other one. I’m not exactly sure just what it was, but it prevented all possible repairs to my heart.  

After four months, I had lost some weight and the medications had things under control, but not “fixed”.  I was not satisfied, still thinking about the inevitable pacemaker.  

I purchased a Living Water ionizer and started drinking alkaline water. After about 6 weeks on the water, last Friday, I went back for a follow up exam. When the doctor took my blood pressure it was 120/70. My weight was down another 10 lbs. My EKG was completely normal and regular. My cholesterol was down to 118.  

My doctor was all smiles when he announced that I no longer had a heart disease. There was no future pacemaker in sight! He still wants to check me every 6 months. I now mow the grass and shovel snow with no problems. I am 62.The medications and diet helped a lot, but I believe it was the ionized alkaline water that completed my recovery.


Thank you to my fellow Vollara distributor, Scott Gordon, for sharing this information with us.  For more information on Living Water, visit www.myvollara.com/raines or contact your own personal Vollara distributor.


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