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I want to extend a special thanks to my colleague, Scott Gordon, for sharing this testimonial with me.


Do you know anyone with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?
Read how they can be helped by Alkaline Ionized Water.

by a CFS Survivor
I wanted to tell my story, in the hope that other people who are suffering from a chronic skin condition or chronic fatigue syndrome can gain hope!

In September 1996, I decided that I wanted to remove the amalgam fillings from my teeth.  My reasons were partly health, and partly vanity.  (I wanted to be a singer, and believed that a mouth full of metal was unsightly).

I was not aware at that time of the precautions necessary for the safe removal of mercury.  Nor was my dentist in fact, and he proceeded to remove six fillings in about two days without damming my mouth, or providing adequate supplementation.

Within about four months, I was confined to bed with a sickness that could only be described as hellish.  My body and face had swollen up.  My skin became inflamed and I developed urticaria which is a honey like serum that oozes from the body like water, and then dries and sets like toffee.  I had absolutely no energy and by this time, was unable to digest food  (Phew, all in the name of vanity!).

I saw my local GP who prescribed 50mg of prednisone daily.  He did not know what was wrong with me.  Nor did any other Naturopath, skin specialist, immunologist, allergy specialist, Chinese herbalist, etc…

My employers noticed how unwell I had become, and politely asked for my resignation.  I had become completely dependent on my family, for financial and physical support.  I was in breakdown!

I then decided to pull on the big guns and contacted The Environmental Medicine society.  I saw Dr William Veda who at the time was Australia’s leading, published Chronic Fatigue specialist.  Five hundred dollars later, and a bag full of supplementation, my mother and I traveled back to our home town, with the belief that I was on the road to recovery.  The opposite happened.  I became worse!

After commencing the treatment,  My anxiety levels went berserk.  I no longer had a sleeping pattern.  I spent from 2am to 4am in the bathtub.  I became acutely depressed, and withdrawn from the world. I had to forego my country farmhouse, and return to my parents house, out of fear that one night I would silently pass on!

This very bleak story continued on, for about two years.  Occasionally seeing yet another healer, or health professional, gaining hope, then surrendering to the fact that nothing was changing.

In October, 1998, I moved to Byron Bay, seeking healing.  I became involved in really bizarre spiritual pursuits.  I formed the belief that I must have been an evil person, and was therefore “burning in hell”….literally!  I changed my name, surrendered to God, and still, no healing!

I managed to learn to cope with my condition, and became more aware around food and the importance of organic.  I was drinking at least 5 liters of water per day, but it was sometimes hard to get it down.

I became a little better month by month, But certainly, nothing was happening in a hurry.

In February 1999, I had a breakthrough.  My good friend Mark offered to take me to Indonesia for a healing journey.  I went on an intensive bowel cleanse, with daily colonics and fasting.  I started urine therapy, and ate a beautifully alkaline diet.  All this combined with daily massage, and weird Indonesian healing concoctions for the belly.

For the first time in three years, I felt energy returning to my body.  Unfortunately, my condition deteriorated immediately upon my return to Australia.  We had torrential rainfall that year, and my house became moldy.  I had severe physical reactions, and began to sleep in the bathtub again.

I should also mention at this point, that during the whole experience, I would regularly break out in the herpes virus, which would infect my inflamed skin, and spread all over my face.  It was a really painful and unsightly experience.

I continued this struggle for another 18 months, trying to balance work with rest, with detoxification, until finally I could not proceed any longer.  I left my job and gave up despite huge fears about money and survival. (Which is hugely ironic as I was barely surviving anyway).

I began daily rituals of meditation and singing.  I asked God everyday what he wanted me to do next.  (Sometimes it was going back to bed).  In a very short amount of time I was guided to call a man by the name of Ian Hamilton.  I was told he had a machine that could help me.

I told him my story and he was hugely compassionate and at the same time very excited.  He believed that his water would help me!  I was not convinced, as I had done everything humanely possible costing a fortune, and here was a man telling me that I may get better just by drinking his water – which was free!

I took two liters of ionized water home and I drank it.  Something profound happened.  I felt….Normal.

I went back the next day and asked for another bottle.  By the third day, the inflammation on my skin had subsided but quite honestly, by this time I was no longer obsessing about my skin because I FELT OK.

After a week, the flakiness had disappeared, and after a month my energy had stabilized.

All this for drinking two liters of water per day!  It was such an easy road to recovery.  Especially since the water tasted so good.  My body just wanted it.

It’s been nine months since first drinking the water and I have had no relapse.  I have returned to work, manifested a creative and supportive relationship and traveled to Uluru for two months. I feel free.

So please, If you are suffering (and lets face it, we are all suffering on some level)………….drink the water!

Morthern Spears

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