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Now that we are near the end of the first quarter of this very pivotal year, 2011, let’s think back…

What if you’d been a barely getting by or a lower middle class person (minimal savings) back in 1975-79 when Bill Gates and Paul Allen were looking for investors to support their start-up? Would you have invested? Had you been a programmer, would you have accepted Microsoft shares as part of your compensation?

Microsoft didn’t go public until March 1986. The early bird investors had waited many years. But, oh doggie, how sweet it was. Wikipedia says 12,000 millionaires (employees/investors) resulted from the capital gains explosion of that stock. And 4 billionaires.

We often say ignorance is bliss. Sometimes that’s true or that cliché would not exist; but ignorance is not bliss when a chance of a lifetime comes knocking. Ignorance in that case means you’ll miss the proverbial boat. To continue reading, go to: http://chippynews.com/KISS24.htm

For more information go to http://www.fulfilldreamshere.com/rainesorg

Brian Raines


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