From time to time good questions are raised that I believe could help everyone.  Here is one.  

 “If ozone is bad, as I keep seeing OZONE ALERTS in my city,  why do you market air purification units that  produce ozone?”  

There is such an incredible misunderstanding in our media and population about ozone.  I  recommend printing this piece and having it with you when someone makes ‘off the cuff’ remarks about ozone. 

Water is bad because you can drown in it. Fire is bad because it will burn you up.  Ozone is bad because it dries out your lungs like the sun does to skin.  The remarks in the article are poorly thought out and culpable of negligence by such an official.  

As with all such things, used properly, ozone brings benefits.  Used improperly, it brings negative effects.   

Ozone is created when ultraviolet radiation from the sun impacts on particulate in the atmosphere.  This ionization process charges particles positive and negative and simultaneously displaces O2 to become O3.  O3 doesn’t like being O3….and is searching for a molecule to mate with, converting itself back to 03 and breaking that molecule to basic substances such as oxygen, carbon dioxide, water vapor.  The example I like is when a molecule of ozone bumps into a molecule of carbon monoxide, ozone is converted back to oxygen and carbon monoxide is broken down to oxygen and carbon dioxide. 

What a wonderful and marvelous idea!  A poisonous gas converted back to beneficial elements.  Whoever thought of such a thing?   

We can be grateful for this process as it is the only thing that has cleaned our planet’s atmosphere of pollutants since the beginning of time.    When we have a city where automobile emissions cause elevated particulate, the result is elevated ozone.  Science has no way of measuring particulate, but it does have a way of measuring ozone.  So, they decided to measure the ‘side effect’ or ‘result’ of elevated particulate, ozone.   

It is the proverbial case of ‘SHOOT THE MESSENGER’.  We read of elevated ozone, when really we should be reading about elevated particulate.  Well, ozone gets the rap.  Particulate gets off without even a warning.  There were 9,700 cases of particulate induced deaths in Los Angeles County a year ago.  Phoenix reported 1,100  such cases a year ago.  You see, particulate is the primary cause of respiratory concerns, not nature’s healing force called ozone.  

Hoping that this information helps you gain a better understanding of this little known and little understood miracle of nature that can now be brought indoors at the levels that are no more than what is in fresh air outdoors.

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Brian Raines


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