A friend of mine took a training graphic we use and inserted real faces in place of little cubes. The difference jumps right off the page, and I want you to see it. Have you ever wondered if network marketing could work for you? I’m sure you know that some people make a lot of money. Look at this graphic and think for a moment in terms of 3 years. Could you help 26 people earn bonus cars within that time frame? As the head of an organization like this (26 leaders) you’d earn no less than $250,000 per year. If things go really well you can earn much more.            

A dozen or so of YOUR FRIENDS are going to join Vollara in the next 3 years. They don’t know it yet, but it will happen. They’ll be invited to look and they’ll say yes to our great products as well as to our opportunity. Join now and you can be on top. Timing is crucial when it comes to opportunity. I know you are aware of that. Click here if you are over 50. Choose this link if you are under 50.
The recession will be over in a couple of years and inflation will be back with a vengeance. By the end of this decade you’re going to need AT LEAST $80,000 to cover each $50,000 you are spending now. Hooking up with Vollara today can make the difference you’ll need 3 years from now.
Brian Raines
Vollara Platinum Distributor 

Congratulations on the ambitious thoughts you are thinking…




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