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Last night, I spent my evening watching the Academy of Country Music Awards Show from Las Vegas. The show was very entertaining, and I feel Reba and Blake Shelton did a fabulous job of hosting. I never have been a big Blake Shelton fan until last night. He really was funny.

I really enjoy most types of music; however, I am pretty traditional when it comes to my taste in music. I’m from the old school – I want country music to be country music and rock to be rock.  For years, I have felt that Nashville has “sold-out” to the Hollywood crowd. Do you realize how many times the camera showed Nicole Kidman? And what about this guy who came on-stage with Reese Witherspoon? What was that?? 

Don’t take me wrong, I really enjoyed last night’s awards show; however, I couldn’t find the real country music. Steven Tyler? Ryan Seacrest spoke the truth when he said it was more like a celebration of American music than it was country music.

Now take Miranda Lambert – now there is a country singer. The Band Perry…now that was country, and last night, even Taylor Swift was country.  It felt so good to see Alabama back on stage…and did you see the reception they got? Standing ovation! I realize that the 18-34 demographic is the crowd that buys the music, and that is who the industry is catering to; however, I miss the separation of the different genres – everything all blurs together now.

Come on country music industry, bring back the country music, and while I’m giving everyone my “two-cents worth,” I venture to say if country radio would start playing the Oak Ridge Boys, Ronnie Milsap, Kenny Rogers, and the like again, they could once again produce #1 singles, and more people would buy the music. We are being force-fed this new music, and being told it is country! No it isn’t! What say ye? Love to hear some feedback.

Brian Raines

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