Dear Friend,

Brian E. Raines

I’m involved in a small experiment and you are one of my subjects. I have a FREE 2-page offer. It describes an offer that costs zero dollars and could be $1,000,000. That may sound like an impossibility…but I assure you it is not. E-mail me for a copy of the offer, and when I send it to you, read it twice and then call me. You might be ready to say, “This is the best and most logical offer I’ve ever read. I’m calling to say yes.”

A very successful networker developed this approach and I am helping him spread it. His explanation of how the 1980 baby boom and other factors will steer our economy in the next 30 years is impossible to deny. We cannot escape the coming inflation. Our choices are to put our heads in the sand or to do something positive…

This “Million Dollar Experiment” offer is VERY positive and you can be a part of it for zero on the low end or approximately $2,200 on the high end. No kidding, no exaggeration, no hype.

I’m pretty sure you have never seen an offer this foolproof before. And imagine how simple and inexpensive it will be for you to pass this on to other people—just as I am doing. My first mailing is costing me a whopping $15, and you are part of that test group.

I use Vollara products and I love them. They help me live a healthier, safer life that is more attuned to the environment.


Brian Raines

E-mail me for your 2-Page offer at  You will absolutely not be under any obligation, and you will not be contacted. You are in the driver’s seat!


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