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The comedy show Seinfeld becomes popular.

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Good Morning to all my precious friends and business associates. I don’t know about where you live; but, here in South Carolina it is going to be an extremely hot day!  Isn’t today the first day of summer? I think it is.

Do you ever have days when your mind is scattered, and you have so much on it, that you don’t really get that much accomplished? Today feels like one of those days. I do intend to take control however, and get focused. Didn’t quite know what I wanted to write about today. I usually blog alot about my business with Vollara; however, today just doesn’t feel like that kind of day.  I also thought about writing about something very inspirational and motivating; however, I notice that there are so many people blogging about this topic…certainly don’t want to get lost in that mess!  Don’t you get tired of everyone on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites posting all these quotes? I mean, I like being positive, but after awhile it really gets boring! 

You know…Seinfeld made a million dollars or more per episode doing a sitcom about nothing! I wonder if that would work for me and my blog? Nah…probably not!  What do you guys like to read on blogs? Give me some feedback. 

Oh well, I guess this is my version of the Jerry Seinfeld blog…a blog about nothing. I do like taking this opportunity to chat with you guys; although, I notice not many people are reading. And, it doesn’t appear anyone is subscribing. Come on, help a guy out…share my blog….subscribe….correspond with me…..tell me what you want to know. Don’t keep me a secret!

Now, where exactly do I get my million dollar Seinfeld check for doing….”nothing?”

Have a blessed day!

Brian Raines

P.S. Well, I said I didn’t feel like it; however, since I do have to make a living, I might as well mention my business at least one time. I’m expanding, and looking for new business partners. If you know of anyone who could use an extra $1000-$2000 per month working their own business from home, I’d like to chat with them. Check out my website and let me hear from you.


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