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At the bottom of this blog is a link you can click that will take you to my Facebook profile page. It will show the pictures concerning the story I am telling below:


This is a very old tee shirt of mine that I have had for over five years. I wear it when working in the garden or mowing the lawn.

Today, when I worked outside, it was about 100 degrees. The shirt got very dirty and sweaty. I couldn’t help but try a little experiment. These pictures show the before and after results.

When one uses Laundry Pure by Vollara, your clothes are washed using your existing washing machine with the Laundry Pure attached to it. NO DETERGENT OR BLEACH WAS USED, AND NO HOT WATER! This shirt was washed in COLD WATER ONLY! This is the greatest invention since the microwave. Imagine how safe and good this technology is for the planet, and how much money your family can save using this green technology. You will not have to pay for hot water, detergent, or fabric softener. If you like your white clothes bleached perfectly white, then by all means, feel free to add a small amount of bleach. Laundry Pure is available for top-load washers or the new front-load washer like I used.

Click here to see the before and after photographs — they truly are amazing!

For complete details and information on the amazing Laundry Pure technology, feel free to visit my information website by clicking this link.


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