Your Work Is Important.

Me and Hollywood movie producer, and fellow Vollarian, Glenn Greene

Happiness depends on feeling good about yourself. It is based on your relationships and achievements. When your gifts and abilities are developed and utilized through your life’s work, you grow in confidence and strength.

If you are unhappy at work, it will affect your family life, even your health. Take time to plan your career and life’s work.

Your work is a gift from God. “…to rejoice in his labour; this is the gift of God,” (Ecclesiastes 5:19).  “The Lord shall make thee plenteous in goods…and…bless all the work of thine hand,” (Deuteronomy 28:11 – 12).

God has given you your life’s work to bring you personal fulfillment. It is a vital key to your self-esteem and significance. If you are investing forty miserable hours each week on a job you do not like, two hours of church on Sunday will not necessarily cure it.

1. Are You Really Happy With What You Are Presently Doing? Your personal excitement and enthusiasm about your productivity each day is important. Nobody can answer this but You.

2. Is Your Present Job Actually A Short-Range or Long-Range Goal? For instance, high school or college students may not intend to work their entire lifetime at fast food restaurants. So their “after school” job is a short-range goal. They are gaining education, experience and basic financial provision.

Likewise, you should clarify in your own Mind the real reasons why you have chosen to work where you are presently working or where you desire to work.

3. Are Your God-Given Gifts And Strongest Talents Being Developed?  Prosperity and promotion usually come to those who totally focus on their most significant skills.

4. Are You Working Just To Pay Your Bills And Have Fun or To Truly Express A Contribution To Life And To This Work? Prominent achievers go the extra mile.

5. Do You Feel That God Is Satisfied With What You Are Doing Now?  I remember one tremendous guitarist who left a nightclub band after honestly answering this question. Though he loved his music, he felt God did not want him sowing his talents in such an environment.

6. Do You Feel That You Are Doing The Highest Quality of Work That You Are Capable of Doing?  Millions cultivate the habit of mediocrity in their daily duties. If you are not striving for total excellence, you have either the wrong job or the wrong attitude.

7. Do You Feel Like You Are Working “As Unto The Lord?” You must see the work you do for your boss as work you are doing for God. If not, you will soon resent your boss and the time you spend on his work.  This attitude will eventually cause you to feel unfulfilled and unproductive.

Seriously consider the above questions. Then, ask The Lord for his instructions regarding your career.

8. How Much Income Do You Personally Feel That You Need To Consider Yourself Financially Successful?  Each of us have different needs. Some have 5×7 dreams. Others have 16×20 dreams. Neither is right or wrong. The key is to establish a true picture of your personal desires.

9. What Kind of Problems Do You Really Love To Solve?  You can determine this by your favorite topic of conversation, favorite books and magazines that you enjoy? What would you enjoy talking about the most? Those things reveal your true interests.

10. What Kind of Environment Do You Find Most Enjoyable? Some people discover that they need many people around them to be most productive. Others prefer solitude.

11. What Are Your Social Needs? If your job deprives you of important relationships, it will become a source of discomfort and depression. You must diagnose the personal leisure and social needs that your happiness requires.

12. What Kind of Family Life or Time Do You Feel Is Necessary?  Obviously, a bachelor schedules his life differently from a family man with five children or a divorced mother of an infant. The job that is right for you should provide adequate time for sharing with those you love.

13. What Level of Social Approval And Respect Do You Need? Each of us wants to be accepted by our friends. Never work for a company of which you are ashamed.  One man admitted to me that he had no confidence in the products he was promoting. Consequently, he experienced very little success. He left that job and went to work with a company he could honestly support.  It made all the difference in his happiness.

14. What Kind of Financial Future Is Necessary For Your Peace of Mind? While very few jobs offer a lifetime guarantee, every one of us needs a sense of predictable income. Tomorrow does come. You must find where God wants you to be and what He wants you to be doing, and move as quickly as possible in that direction. Paul wrote, “With good will doing service, as to the Lord, and not to men,” (Ephesians 6:7).

The Questions You Ask Determine The Answers You Discover.  Review these questions and your success will explode..!

# # #

The article above was written by Dr. Mike Murdock, a dear friend and mentor to me. It was taken from The Wisdom Papers of Mike Murdock WPMM#36. For more information on Dr. Murdock’s ministry, visit him online at http://www.WisdomOnline.com

When I received this information from Dr. Murdock, I was personally going through a time in my life where I had just made a major career change.  I had been in the financial services industry for many years, and had, quite honestly, become very successul. I had worked my way up to earning a mid six-figure annual income; however, God decided it was time for me to move in another direction. I thought I was happy. I had all the things in life that make one appear to be happy…nice homes, expensive luxury cars, exotic vacations…yet, I was miserable inside and didn’t know it. I was also lost and undone…I was living a lie…I thought I had a relationship with Jesus; however, I had an empty, selfish life. On December 11, 2008, I personally accepted Jesus Christ as my very own Personal Savior and now I know what that relationship truly means. Life hasn’t been all perfect since that day. Actually, it has gotten harder! I now know what things in life are important to me. God…family…true friends. You see, money buys people, but not friends!

I have a very varied career past…I have worked in the real estate industry, law enforcement, been the owner and/or co-owner of several business ventures….even worked professionally in the music entertainment industry. I had played with the Network Marketing industry previously; but, I had never made any serious money….that is until I got involved with a healthy-living technology company in 2006.  My wife, Joyce and I, started seeing checks of over $5,000 each month within five months.

When I made my career change in 2008 out of the financial services industry, I prayed hard and long about which direction God wanted me to move toward. It was about this time that Dr. Murdock sent me the article quoted above.  God showed me clearly the things I enjoy doing. I enjoy working and being around people…the one’s I choose to be around and the one’s God chooses to send into my path. I enjoy having time freedom. I enjoy being able to spend as much time with my wife as I possibly can. I enjoy being able to spend tons of time with my two beautiful granddaughters…and I like being able to take trips and vacations whenever I choose. I also like having the ability to earn as much money as I want to earn! The great thing about my network marketing career is the fact that I can work from anywhere in the world. As long as I have my iPhone, I’m in business.

Network marketing isn’t for everyone. Contrary to what many think, I don’t want  all my friends and family members in my business. I only want those people who are fed-up with making someone else rich….working when someone else tells them to work…being off when someone else tells them to be off. I want the individual that is career-disturbed, tired of the rat-race of corporate America, tired of being under-paid, under-appreciated, and over-worked!

Is this you? If so, I have a very good website…actually, it is a great webiste. Spend some time on my site, and if you want to talk, complete the information form on the site, and I’ll contact you. No obligation, whatsoever.

The site is right here.

There is one thing for sure, my company, Vollara, is rocketing to the moon…come fly with us!


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