The Professional Baseball Strength and Conditioning Coaches Society recently held a convention and


personally invited Vollara’s Chairman and CEO Joe Urso to address the group. All of the water and     air for the entire show was sponsored by Vollara, and both proved to be a big hit. Bottles of LivingWater were available and – no surprise here – people loved it! Also embraced at the event was Re:Vive – everyone seemed to want a boost of that famous Re:Vive energy to get them through the day!

By the end of Joe’s presentation, 26 of the 29 baseball teams decided to get a LivingWater machine! Vollara has cemented itself as a respected, sought-after company with whom national sports teams are eager to work. Even Hall of Fame coaches are taking the initiative and contacting Vollara – because they know Vollara has a stellar reputation, superior technology and stands behind the quality of their products.

See Vollara’s Drinking Water Chart here

Read about the importance of aquaporins here

To order your own LivingWater at retail, visit The Raines Organization, Inc.

For more information on Vollara’s other eco-friendly, green technology products, visit here

If you are interested in signing-up right now with Vollara, and starting your own home-based

business in the green technology industry, or to become a wholesale buyer of the products, visit here






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