Brian Raines at 555 pounds

Good Morning, Friends.  I have been on a weight loss roller coaster most of my life.  I was born fat. I came into this world, according to my mother, at 10 lbs 8 oz.  Not a good way to start, huh?

I have been overweight all of my life, and to make matters worse, I have suffered from a tic disorder since childhood. Tics are tough, especially for kids.  My tics do not fall into the Tourette’s Syndrome category, because I do not have vocal tics — I don’t bark, scream, or curse unexpectedly.  So, weight and tics. Life has been tough. One thing I have noticed however, it seems to me that kids who suffer with TS or tic disorders, for the better part, are rather artistic. For me, it was playing piano, singing, and writing music.  Now that I am older, I have given -up most of my music aspirations — I don’t even have a piano anymore. I sold my concert grand a few years ago because it wasn’t getting played, and the environment in my sunroom wasn’t good for the instrument.

For the past thirty days, I have been documenting my weight loss on Facebook; however, I have decided to do it going forward utilizing my blog.  I will be posting to Facebook, Twitter, and the like.

I have been on and off diets my entire life. I have tried almost everything except Weight Watchers, and for some reason, their program never interested me.  I even had a gastric bypass years ago, and lost one hundred pounds or so, but for the better part, was still very obese.

I started my “major” weight loss program at my peak of 555 pounds.  I dropped down to my adult low of 297 pounds back in November of 2008; however, over the past three years, I went back up to 365.  In December of last year (2011), I went to see my doctor for my annual physical. Believe it or not, he told me that I was malnourished at 365 pounds! What?  Seems my body has been having difficulty holding on to calcium, iron, and vitamin D. He thinks it is from the gastric bypass I had back in 2004. I do, therefore, take a lot of supplements daily.

On my birthday, December 29, 2011, I decided I was going to get the rest of my weight off. I run my own company, and ironically enough, my company is a health and nutrition company. I have been in the industry since 2006.  I’ve used my companies eco-friendly technology products (air and water purification, LaundryPure, and the like), but I never really used the nutritional products. If I did, it was sporadically.  I decided I was going to get the rest of my weight off, and I was going to give my very own company products a real effort. A hypocrite I am not. I’m not going to Jenny Craig, when I work for a major nutrition company.

Here’s where I stand as of this morning:  My Body Mass Index (BMI) in 2004 was near 75!  This morning, my BMI is 46.2. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this, one’s BMI fluctuates as your body weight fluctuates.  Two days ago, my BMI was 45.9.  For some reason, I have gained two pounds in the past two days.  Sometimes, your body will hit a plateau, and this is when one must do something different. I have chosen to drink more alkaline water, and try to get some excercise. I never have excercised much. After all, doesn’t the Bible say somewhere that bodily excercise profits a man little?  I’m really stretching the scriptures here, and taking it out of context; but, in this case, I like it!

Here’s my results since December 29, 2011.  My weight this morning was 340.6 pounds. Using my very own company products, I have lost 24.4 pounds in 30 days. My results were better than this a couple of days ago until I hit a plateau. I am excited to see what the coming week and month brings!  My goal weight is 180 pounds. I want to hit this weight by my birthday this year, which again is December 29th.  In order for me to do this, I must lose 0.48 pounds per day. I know I can do much better than this. I have 336 days left to hit my goal. I need to lose 160.6 pounds.

For those of you that are interested in following my journey, I would be honored if you subscribed to my daily blog. Maybe I can be an encouragement to you, and I’m sure there will be days when you can encourage me. We can be a team — lose our weight together. Support is very critical.

If you want to know the specifics of my plan, I will be posting them over the next week; however, I can tell you this. I eat 5 – 7 small meals each day.  The foundation of my plan, is RE:PLACE, which is a protein shake distributed by my company, Vollara.  In addition to the shake, I take RE:ACTIVATE to give me energy and suppress my appetite. In the event I “mess-up” and go eat Mexican food like I did Thursday night, I take RE:DUCE. This is a fabulous product. For an energy boost everyday, I drink RE:VIVE (this is addictive – you will love it)! You can read about it, and all other products on my website.  You can also order any of these products directly from my website as well.  If you are interested in buying at wholesale, just hit the Contact Me button on my website, and you can send me a direct message, and I can tell you how you can become a wholesale customer and save a lot of money. You can also do as I do, and make money by using and sharing the products.

Please follow me and lets lose weight together. Subscribe to this blog. I would love for you to try the products I am using, because they work, and they are top-shelf nutritional products.

My precious friend, Dr. Mike Murdock says, “Our lives are like a train on the Track of Success.  Each day, God gives us 24 golden box cars (hours) to load up. What you place in each box car, or hour, determines the speed and the distance your train will move toward your next city of accomplishment.”  Make your life count today. Every hour is a Seed. You control The Harvest.

“Redeeming the time, because the days are evil,” (Ephesians 5:16). 

Thanks for reading and supporting me. Let me hear from you, and don’t forget to subscribe to the blog.

Be blessed!

Your friend,

Brian Raines

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