Me now after lots of weight loss with my granddaughter, Andreana

If you’re like many people, you made a resolution at the beginning of 2012 to lose some weight this year.  This is usually the time of year most folks have given up on that idea and moved on.  For example, how did you do last night while watching the Super Bowl?  Did you eat healthy, or did you give yourself permission to “pig-out” promising yourself that tomorrow you would start back on your diet?  Do you realize how many times I have done this?

Here’s the deal…eating for me is not just about eating too much occassionally. I am addicted to food just as a alcoholic is addicted to booze, or a drug addict is addicted to drugs.  Food has always been my drug of choice if you will.  I have spent many days talking with alcoholics about their addiction. It is amazing to me how we share the exact same traits. The one big difference, and this was what I always told myself to make me feel more comfortable, ” one can live without alcohol; however, one cannot live without food.”  For me, the weakness has always been fast food. Man, I should have owned a McDonalds! I love it. Now, that may not be your thing, but it is mine.  I recognize my addictive personality. Anything I like, I go after it with a passion. I don’t drink for religious reasons; however, I always stayed away from alcohol because I would not be able to drink socially, I would be the guy who was constantly drinking.  If I like it, and enjoy it, and get joy, satisfaction, and pleasure from it, I go after it. Thankfully, I know myself good enough to just stay away from certain things.

Back to resolutions. Did you make one to lose weight? Are you losing? Are you hot and cold? Have you already given up? You know the good part? Tomorrow is a brand new day, and it is never too late to start again. One must take it day-by-day.  The Super Bowl is over…maybe you consumed massive amounts of food. Not good, but so what! Tomorrow you can start all over again. The only way you will not lose your desired weight is if you quit! Winners never quit, and quitters never win.

I have been reading a book, actually it is a workbook, entitled The Don’t Diet LIVE-IT! Workbook by Andrea Wachter, LMFT and Marsea Marcus, LMFT. I highly recommend you invest a few bucks in this book. Chapter One discusses Outer Solutions vs Inner Solutions.  The book talks about how all that we really see of other people are their outsides.  Bad thing, that’s all most people see of you and me.  This is the reason most obese people are discriminated against. Most people don’t take the time to get to know an overweight person because they can’t, or they choose not to get past the fat.  Hey, I’m fat and I’m guilty! I’ve done it. I’m not proud of it. Sometimes we believe the outside of a person is all there really is. However, we each have an inner world that is far more important than what we show and see on the outside.

All my life I have found solace in food when I could not find it in my family or my friends. Food was something I could always count on. Everything else was unstable — parents might disapprove or be critical, friends might tease or turn on you, your best efforts might not result in success or happiness. But Big-Macs are always comforting, ice-cream is always creamy, peanut butter is always rich, and chocolate is always sweet.

For me personally, food can and was a solution for some things. It can end hunger, give nourishment, and provide pleasure. But there is no food that can combat loneliness, anger, shame, sadness, or anxiety. These are inner issues that need inner solutions. When we become obsessed with food and our bodies, we are tryiing to solve inner problems with outer solutions.

I’d like to hear your comments. Please feel free to share them with me. Tell me what you are finding gives you strength to carry on. Tell me your struggles. Subscribe to this blog so we can take this journey together. I still have a long way to go, but I will make it, and you can too. Let’s do it together.  Some of you have asked me what I use to keep my energy level up.  My company has an excellent energy drink called Re:Vive.  Click here to watch a short video on the product. I use the Vollara nutrition line in my weight loss journey. Specifically, I use RE:PLACE as my core foundation, I use RE:ACTIVATE for appetite supression, as well as RE:VIVE.  RE:DUCE is excellent for those times you may slip-up and eat too much, and RE:CLEANSE is great for a good body and colon cleanse.  All of these items can be ordered directly from my website.

Thanks for joining me today. Let me hear from you. If you don’t want to leave a public post, contact me directly at rainesorganization@myvollara.com

I’m pulling for you, and I’m here to help you. God bless.




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