Warning: Your Multi-Vitamin May Be Hazardous to Your Health!

Dietary supplements, such as the vitamin B sup...

Dietary supplements, such as the vitamin B supplement show above, are typically sold in pill form. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Warning: Your Multi-Vitamin May Be Hazardous to Your Health

During a TV interview with Matt Lauer of the NBC’s Today Show, Dr. Tod Cooperman, the President of a laboratory that conducts independent testing on health and nutritional products, revealed news that came as a shock to most viewers …

Of 21 brands of multivitamins on the market in the United States
and Canada, only 10 met the nutritional values listed
on their labels or satisfied other quality standards.

     That means 52% of the multi-vitamin brands failed the test!  And many of them were major brandslike Vitamin Shoppe, Hero Nutritionals, Nature’s Plus — and even AARP’s private label multivitamin for seniors.  

What’s even more shocking is that many of the multivitamin brands tested by Dr. Cooperman’s lab not only failed to provide adequate nutrition, but also posed serious health hazards.  The independent lab’s website states that their tests have found defects in over 30% of the supplements tested — and many exceed tolerable intake limits.

Lead Poisoning and Other Health Hazards
Hiding in Your Multi-Vitamin?
 ==> One major brand of multi-vitamins for women was found to contain 15.3 micrograms of lead.  That’s more than 10 times the amount they allow in the state of California.  While 15.3 micrograms of lead per day may not be immediately toxic, according to Dr. Cooperman, “the mineral is stored in the body and could build up to dangerous levels with time.”  Note:  Multi-vitamins like these should never be shared with children, as kids are susceptible to lead poisoning at levels as low as 6 micrograms per day.

==> A popular multi-vitamin for children was found to have an intolerable amount of Vitamin A.  Too much Vitamin A could cause bone weakening and liver abnormalities.  This children’s brand has 5,400 IUs of Vitamin A, and Dr. Cooperman says, “You don’t want to exceed 2,000 to 3,000 IUs for kids under the age of eight.” 

==> Several multi-vitamins contained significantly less vitamins than was listed on the label.  One brand tested by Dr. Cooperman’s lab had only half of the Vitamin A listed on the product’s Supplement Facts, and another brand had none of the Vitamin A listed.

==> Some of the vitamins contained in the multi-vitamin formulas work too late.  That means they don’t dissolve in the amount of time required to release the beneficial nutrients before passing through the body.  This makes the vitamins virtually worthless — and may be the reason why some multi-vitamins have been called “expensive urine.”  One multi-vitamin brand in particular, marketed by AARP, was pulled from the market because Dr. Cooperman’s lab report stated that the vitamins in the AARP formula didn’t break apart in the body fast enough to deliver any health benefits.

     Multivitamins are the most popular supplement in the U.S., with $4.8 billion in sales as of 2009, according to Nutrition Business Journal.  More than 150 million people take a dietary supplement every day in the United States alone.  It’s likely that you’re among those 150 million people, and if so, the findings of Dr. Cooperman’s lab should make you rethink your choices.

Pseudo-Vitamins and Health Frauds

     Dr. Al Sears, who owns and operates an integrative medicine and anti-aging clinic in Wellington, Florida, as well as the author of several popular health books, states that the nutritional supplement industry is brimming with health fraudsPseudo-vitamins, such as “Vitamin O,” are routinely heralded as the cure for a wide variety of health conditions.  The fact is, Vitamin O is not even a vitamin.  According to the company that manufactures it, “Vitamin O” consists of distilled water, sodium chloride (salt), trace minerals and oxygen molecules.  That’s nothing but salt water.

     Other pseudo-vitamins include “Vitamin T” (also called the “sesame seed factor”) and “Vitamin U” which is a substance found in cabbage.  

     Dr. Sears further states that some multi-vitamins may be to blame for unexplained sickness, fatigue or pain.  More importantly, his investigation of the multi-vitamin brands available at drug stores, supermarkets or health food stores revealed that the majority are missing the most critical nutrients.  This shortfall makes people susceptible to the most serious illnesses, diseases and health problems, as well as the dreaded effects of aging.

     As a widely acknowledged authority in longevity and anti-aging, Dr. Sears recommends 20,000 IU of Vitamin A daily to his patients; and yet, one of the best-selling multi-vitamin brands contains only 1/6th that amount.  He also advocates a minimum of 90 mcg daily of Vitamin K; and yet one of the leading anti-aging multi-vitamins does not contain even a single molecule of this important vitamin.  He further states that the body needs 200 mcg of copper per day; and yet many multi-vitamins only contain 1% of that daily requirement.

     The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) regulates the dietary supplement industry, but it simply doesn’t have enough manpower to oversee the regulatory compliance of the burgeoning number of supplement manufacturers and marketers.  Therefore, the responsibility for investigating what’s in your multi-vitamins rests squarely on the consumer’s shoulders — yes, that means you.

     The only other alternative is to seek out a reputable company that formulates and manufactures multi-vitamins you can trust.  Although a multi-vitamin is not a substitute for a nutritious diet, the right multi-vitamin can provide “nutritional insurance” by helping to provide an optimum intake for the maintenance of good health, especially for the majority of people who are not consuming optimal amounts of vitamins in their diets.  An article published by JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) states as follows:  

All adults should take vitamin supplements to help prevent chronic disease.  The daily use of a multi-vitamin can be a potentially powerful way to improve one’s health.”

Vollara nutritionals will maintain optimal levels of health and wellness, and to help prevent the development of chronic diseases, the ravages of aging and a wide range of health problems. Special thanks to my colleague, Scott Gordon, for providing this information.


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