Eating Healthy and Losing Weight: A New Beginning

How many times have you joined a health club in January, watched

Brian Raines at Almost 600 Pounds

your favorite weight-loss program on television, signed up for the newest fad diet, and swore to yourself that this time things are going to be different and soon there will be a “new you?” After a few weeks, or maybe even a few days, you quit and go right back to where you were before and gained more weight back than you lost in the first place? I would be a wealthy man if I was paid for every pound I’ve lost and gained back over my lifetime. Personally, I have lost from almost 600 pounds down to near 300 pounds, and am on my way to a fit and healthy 215 pounds. I want to share my personal success tips with you in this post.

  1.  I know we have all heard it before, but if you plan to go on a new eating regiment, schedule a visit with your family doctor. This one point is often overlooked, and in many ways can be the most critical. Make sure you are healthy enough for the routine you are starting.

  2.  If your budget will allow the investment, I suggest finding a nutritionist to work with you and plan your meals and diet program. Because nutrition is a constantly changing field, it is good to have an expert to call on. I suggest you find someone who is a Registered Dietician. I’m sure your doctor can give you a good referral.

  3.  For those of us with fast-paced lifestyles, eating a healthy meal is not always easy to do. I highly suggest you find a program that you can stay with for whatever period of time is required for you to meet your goal. In order to be healthy, one must eat a healthy, balanced diet. I personally have had excellent success with meal replacement shakes; especially those that use the amazing power of enzymes to support your metabolism at optimum levels during your weight loss without using drugs or stimulants.

  4.  Drink plenty of water. I have a rule of thumb to help determine an appropriate amount of daily water intake. Drink a minimum of half your body weight in ounces of water each day. For example, if you weigh 200 pounds, I would suggest you drink a minimum of 100 ounces of water each day. I also like to see my urine be clear when I go to the bathroom. If your urine is yellow, that is a good indicator that you need more water. I have discovered that not all water is created equal. I do not buy any bottled water for various reasons, and I try not to drink water straight from the tap. I personally drink alkaline-ionized water, and highly recommend you try it if you haven’t before. It really is great-tasting and it makes me feel better.

    5. Get some type of exercise each day. I admit, this is my weak area. I’m not going to paint you a pretty picture, an exercise program is tough, and even tougher to stick with. It doesn’t matter how much exercise you do in the beginning, or the intensity; the important thing is that you are doing something. If you can only walk 5-10 minutes, then do that and be proud. If you can walk 30 minutes then do that. Do whatever activity you enjoy doing, irregardless of what everyone around you is doing. Gradually increase your time and intensity and you will eventually find the exercise will become a daily part of your routine.



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