The Importance of Exercise

A public demonstration of aerobic exercises

A public demonstration of aerobic exercises (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today, I want to discuss a subject that isn’t actually my favorite… exercise. I don’t like doing exercise, but I do like the feeling I have after I finish my exercise. 

I read an article in the Greenville News this morning that my home state, South Carolina, has a major obesity problem.  According to the new director of the S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control,  36 percent of adults in South Carolina are overweight and 29 percent are considered obese. One-fourth of adults in South Carolina report no leisure time physical activity in the past month, and only 19 percent eat fruits and vegetables at least five times a day.

So, how does one begin an exercise program? I would suggest buying a pedometer, or downloading an app for your smart phone that will measure your daily footsteps. In addition to your daily activities, begin walking 1/4 of a mile per day and progress as able to the goal of several or more miles per day. No special equipment is needed to walk and it is safe for just about everyone.

For an exercise plan to be successful, do something you like and that is practical for your lifestyle. There are several types of exercise to consider:

1. Aerobic Exercise – this type exercise increases your heart rate and uses oxygen to facilitate muscle building as it accelerates your metabolism. Aerobic exercises include brisk walking, jogging, running, hiking, swimming and even dancing. Here again, choose what you enjoy.

2. Resistance Exercises – this form of exercise helps you burn fat, increase lean muscle, boost your energy levels, increase strength, improve your posture, fortify your bones, strengthen your joints, and promote your body to increase the production of growth hormone. Resistance training includes, lifting free weights, using weight machines, using resistance rubber bands, chin-ups, sit-ups, squats, and finally, water workouts.

3. Alternating Exercises – try to balance your exercise between aerobic sessions and resistance training so you are alternating between both types of exercise as a formal activity every day for at least 30 minutes. Combining these exercises is also an efficient way to accomplish your goal of becoming healthier.

4. The Ultimate Benefit – Our bodies have evolved over thousands of years. Until lately physical activity was an integral part of a person’s every day life. As recently as a single generation ago all of the activities of daily living were non-mechanized. There was no such thing as being too sedentary. That is not true today.

Adopting an active lifestyle will make you feel better every day. Your body is a marvelous machine and all of your bodily functions will significantly improve as your activity level increases. You will have more energy, sleep more soundly, and notice an improved mood.

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Next week we are going to discuss the proper way to stretch!


Excerpts taken from The Enzyme Diet Magazine. Used by permission.


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