Introducing PHP Financial

1. Who is PHP Financial? PHPLogo

PHP Financial is a division of The Raines Organization, Inc. and was founded by Brian Raines. Brian was a Senior Financial Advisor for fourteen years with an international firm.  Brian sold his financial planning practice in 2009. 

2. What does PHP do?

PHP Financial teaches and counsels God’s biblical principles of finances to people in the southeastern United States. We also provide Christian marriage and family counseling. We work with our clients via face-to-face sessions. All personal and financial information is strictly confidential. 

3. Where is PHP  located?

Our home office is located in the upstate of South Carolina. 

4. How can PHP help me with my finances?

We have trained counselors who can help you set up a budget and get your finances in order. We offer materials for small groups developed by various financial ministry organizations. We also have materials on many other areas of finances. Although Mr. Raines was formerly a licensed financial planner, PHP does not offer investing, tax, legal, or financial planning advice. Family Counseling is provided by Joyce H. Raines, M.Ed., LPC. 

5. Does PHP give financial assistance?

We receive many requests for financial support from organizations and individuals, and will give each request individual consideration; however, our primary donations go to our local church. 

6. How does PHP operate?
PHP Financial operates on a cash basis (i.e., it does not borrow money.) PHP believes that one of the ways God can give direction is through the provision (or withholding) of funds. Therefore, PHP Financial moves forward on a project only when it has the funds on hand to do so. PHP Financial, a division of The Raines Organization, Inc.,  is recognized as an S-Corporation by the Internal Revenue Service. Clients pay PHP on a sliding scale based upon the level of need and personal ability. Those with a severe financial need will be counseled on a no-cost basis. 

7. Is PHP affiliated with any religious denomination?

No, PHP is a non-denominational organization. 

For more information, or to schedule a no cost,  initial consultation, e-mail


Peace               Hope               Prosperity


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