How to Eliminate Tough Odors Without Chemicals

When it comes to combatting bad odors in your home, conventional wisdomfafocusArticle280 (or a trip to your local grocery store) offers little recourse. The most available options are usually heavily fragranced sprays or sachets designed to simply cover up the offending odor. So instead of a kitchen that smells like baked fish, you now have a kitchen that smells like baked fish and lavender.

The only real way to stop odor is at its source, and the best way to do that is with active air purification. Unlike traditional filtration, an active air purifier uses ionization which can remove those oft-seen floating particles from the air. This, in turn, may help reduce allergens, airborne pollutants, and stale, lingering odors. Some models also incorporate activated oxygen to quickly eliminate even the toughest odors where they start.

The greatest advantage of this “active” process is freedom from chemicals and fragrances; it simply freshens the air inside your home by utilizing natural processes. For individuals or families with sensitivities, this can be an ideal solution since introducing heavy fragrances or harsh chemicals into the home environment frequently exacerbates the problem.

If you are currently using passive air filtration, only the air going through the machine is being treated by the filter. And while filtration can be effective, all filters must be changed on a regular basis – which can be both costly and unappealing. Handling used filters can be messy and often results in the dislodgment of the very particles of dirt and dust you were trying to remove in the first place.

Consider using an active air purifier instead. That way, the air in your home is treated outside the unit and there are no messy or costly filters to replace. These air purifiers come in a variety of sizes. The smallest unit is perfect for use in hotels, stinky laundry rooms or around hampers or litter boxes. Larger units cover more square feet (up to 3000) and one can often deodorize an entire home. Additional features, like adjustable fan speeds and purifier settings, can create a customizable cleaning experience for every home.

Save the money you’d spend on filters, aerosol sprays and potpourri and get to the root cause of the odor itself. Eliminate the problem at its source with an active air purification system.


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